If you’re thinking about having our team of professional carport builders create a fully functional garage for you, the chances are that you’ll be considering some of the features that can be added. One of the most important will be your access point or door – and although it will differ from a regular household doorway, it will still be necessary to allow you and your car to enter and exit your garage.

Which types of doors are there?

There are plenty of styles available, so rather than throwing you in at the deep-end and letting you work out what each garage door type offers, we thought that it might be more convenient to list them here with further information.

Up and over doors featuring canopy lifting gears

These types of doors work mechanically and can be installed with remote controls, making them easier to open and close in bad weather to avoid getting wet. They open inwards, allowing them to slide up and back whilst creating a ‘canopy’ above.

Side hinged doors

Instead of opening upwards, these access points work in much the same way as a regular door – albeit with a greater width instead of height. They’ll need to open outwards to maximise their functionality and can be secured with a lock and key just like the doors that you’ll find on your home.

Roller doors

To save space, these doors either roll vertically or horizontally (according to your preferences) and can be a great way to maximise the space available within your garage. If we had to recommend one type, we’d say that vertical rolling doors are the most effective options because they can be lifted up to allow access and then back down when security is needed.

Electronic doors

Most of the above types can feature electronic openers and these work by having a receiver installed that ‘speaks’ to the door, and a remote which can be kept on a car key ring. They can make life much easier by allowing a button to be pushed to open the doorway, and then closed again electronically, so that you’ll never need to get your hands dirty.

Manual doors

If you’re on a budget or don’t mind the need to physically get into your garage – a manual door may well be the way to go. Many carports feature them and although a little more traditional in nature, they are still very effective at keeping cars secure, as well as intruders at bay.

If you’d like to learn more about the types available, or if you feel ready to upgrade, renovate, or install a brand new garage – simply get in touch with our friendly team today.